1956-1959 Graduated from Kyunggi High School
1959-1963 LL.B., Seoul National University Law School (Korea)
1962.10.27 Passed the 14th National Higher Civil Service Examination
1963.02.25 Passed the 16th National Judicial Service Examination
1964.09.02 Completed full course of the Graduate School of Law, Seoul National University
1966.08.30 Obtained LL.M. degree from Seoul National University
1968.05.27 LL.M., Tulane Law School as Fulbright Fellow (U.S.A.)
1969.07 Diploma in Comparative Legal Studies, Cambridge University (U.K.)
1970.12 J.S.D., Cornell Law School (U.S.A.)
1974.09-1975.08 Visiting Humboldt Scholar to Hamburg University Law Faculty (Germany)
1978.08-1979.08 Visiting Scholar to Harvard Law School as American Council of Learned Society Fellow (U.S.A.)
1978.07 Certificate, The Hague Academy of International Law (Summer)


1964.09- Called to the Korean Bar
1964-1967 Judge Advocate (Korean Army Captain)
1966.09-1967.02 Lecturer of Law, Cheongju University
1970.06-1971.11 Foreign Attorney, Haight, Gardner, Poor & Havens (New York)
1972.09-2007.02 Professor of Law, Seoul National University, Korea
1980.06-1981.04 Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Seoul National University Law School
1993.10-1995.10 Member, Development Fund-raising Committee for Seoul National University
1996.06-1998.06 Dean, Seoul National University Law School
2000.04-2001.11 Advisor to the Cognitive Science Institute of the College of Humanities, Seoul National University
2000.04-2003.05 Manager, The SNU Education and Research Group for Korean Law in the World in 21st Century
2007.03.01- Professor of Law emeritus, Seoul National University


1994.01.08 The Most Distinguished Alumni Medal (Cornell University)
1997.05.01 National Decoration of the Second Highest Order (Moran) (Korean
1998.08.10 The Legal Culture Award (The Korean Federal Bar Association)
2002.10.15 Recognition of Distinguished Service (Seoul National University)
2003.01.13 The Most Distinguished Alumnus Award (Kyunggi High School)
2006.05.16 The Most Distinguished Alumnus Award (Seoul National University Law School Alumni Assn.)
2007.02.28 Recognition of Meritorious Service in Education (Minister of Education)
2007.02.28 One of the Most Influential 33 Leaders in Korea in the 21st Century (chosen by the Munhwa ILbo Daily Newspaper)
2007.10.25 The Most Distinguished Cornell Alumnus Award (Cornell Alumni Assn in Korea)
2008.03.21 The Most Distinguished Alumnus in Glory (Seoul National University Alumni Assn)
2009.10.22 The Moot Court of Seoul National University Law School dedicated to Professor Song, President of the International Criminal Court)
2009.10.23 The Youngsan Legal Cultural Award (The Youngsan Legal Cultural Foundation)
2011.12.09 National Decoration of the Highest Order (Mugunghwa) (Korean Government)
2012.05.30 Rule of Law Award by International Bar Association (IBA)
2012.11.30 The Most Distinguished Alumnus Award (Fulblight Alumni Association in Korea)
2014.05.14 Person of Peace Award by the Kyunggi Hgh School 55th Class
2015.03.11 Ridder Groot Kruis Orde (knight grand cross order) from the Kingdom of the Netherlands
2015.11.24 Yulgok Legal Culture Award
2016.03.18 The Youngsan Diplomat of the Year 2015 (The Seoul Forum for International Affairs)
2018.03.07 The Korean Arbitrators’ Award (The Korean Arbitrators Association, Inc.)
2018.11.12 The Most Distinguished Alumni Medal (Seoul National University)